The Book and I



Sandy, a longtime Davenport Iowa artist ,had idea for a children's alphabet book for more than 30 years. 

Titled "The Hide and Seek Alphabet Book" , each right-hand page contains an elaborately illustrated letter of the alpha bet with "hidden" objects of words that begin with that letter. "S," for example, has a snail, snake, stars and swirls.

On each opposite page there is the red-headed child with a terrier puppy leading the way.

An adult reading the book with a child could have the child find the objects and also use the time to teach about the objects.  

Inspiration for the letters in this book came from the Book of Kells. It was created in the 4th century, in Ireland. The lavish, decorative drawings with the accompanying calligraphy are called illuminations. The illuminations were used to enhance the Gospels of the early Bible.

Book of Kells.jpg

Folio 32v of the original Book of Kells shows Christ enthroned.